Greta enigma

Greta enigma Haensch 1905

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General comments

This information is based an ongoing project dedicated to the inventory and dissemination of information on lepidopteran larvae, their host plants, and their parasitoids in a Costa Rican tropical wet forest and an Ecuadorian montane cloud forest.

N=6 rearings as of 2012, 2 eclosed and 4 died.

Author(s): Morrison, Colin; Wilmott, Keith; Simbana, Wilmer; Salgaje, Luis; Greeney, Harold; Dyer, Lee
Rights holder(s): CAPEA

Life history

Predator Associations

Thymeliaceae: Schoenobiblus peruvianus

Solonaceae: Cestrum sp.


Author(s): Morrison, Colin
Rights holder(s): CAPEA


Collected in Napo Province, Ecuador (Yanayacu Biological Station and Center for Creative Studies).

Author(s): Simbana, Wilmer; Salgaje, Luis
Rights holder(s): CAPEA

Evolution and Systematics


This is a new supspecies of G. enigma.

Author(s): Morrison, Colin; Wilmott, Keith
Rights holder(s): CAPEA